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There is a connection between self-confidence and physical well-being. Reveal your underarms with confidence and uncover the science of strong deodorants and antiperspirants.

Everything you wanted to know about the most effective deodorants

We answer frequently asked questions on personal hygiene products to help you find the right one for your lifestyle.

How does deodorant work?

Before we look at how deodorant works, we need to examine what causes sweat and the science of sweating.

When the environment, such as heat or stress triggers our sweat glands, they secrete water and salt.

Most people think that sweat itself is the source of unpleasant odour. In fact, the smell comes from the bacteria on the skin that ingests the sweat at the apocrine glands – the glands in your armpits.

To improve your comfort and well-being deodorant sprays block the bacteria rather than the sweat glands themselves.

Do you need a different deodorant for sports?

The last thing you want is sweaty patches or unpleasant odours when you are working out. A strong antiperspirant like NIVEA Stress Protect Spray keeps both the moisture and smell under control. Its unique formula supports you even in the most stressful situations.

How is deodorant different from antiperspirant?

  • Deodorants reduce bacteria growth in the armpit
  • Antiperspirants reduce sweat flow and also help to reduce the amount of bacteria that cause the smell associated with sweat
  • Antiperspirants reduce sweat in its tracks
  • Deodorants give a certain number of hours of protection from odours
  • Antiperspirants give a certain number of hours of protection from sweat.

Choosing the most effective product

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How to choose the right deodorant

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