When you purchase any NIVEA product, you not only show care for your skin, you also show care for others.

This is because, when you choose CARE from NIVEA, you help uplift a community. 

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Care is at the heart of the NIVEA brand – not only providing world class skin care for beautiful and healthy feeling skin, but also caring for the wellbeing of people.

NIVEA’s global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy, ‘NIVEA Cares for Family’, aims to uplift 1 million families globally. What is unique to South Africa is that the spirit of togetherness extends beyond what the rest of the world perceives as the nuclear family, both because this is the culture of its people and because tragic circumstances have often broken down the traditional family structure. In the African culture, family revolves around Ubuntu - the understanding that ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.  Through working together to serve the wider community, people can become more.

About Thanda

Thanda is a non-profit organisation based in Umtwalume, KwaZulu-Natal providing valuable support for the local community through Early Childhood Development (ECD) and after-school programmes. Research shows that 90% of brain development happens before the age of five, which is why ECD programmes are vital, yet less than 16% of children in KwaZulu-Natal have access to these. Thanda after-school programmes for Grades R-11 support the development of key lifeskills: self-esteem, critical thinking, empathy, creativity and understanding rebelliousness.


NIVEA has been supporting the Thanda Centre since 2015.  

At the NIVEA Thanda Centre, children not only receive a hot meal and participate in educational and stimulating programmes, but also find a place where they feel safe and are cared for. The centre hosts the only library and playground in the area, with its number one drawcard – the skate park!

NIVEA’s support over the years has ensured that children are properly nourished-alleviating the mental and physical burdens of food insecurity-so that they are able to learn and grow into healthy individuals. NIVEA has also supported the growth of the Early Childhood Development Programme, ensuring that children in the community are given fair and equal access to quality early learning opportunities. Their supports extends further to the After-school Educational programmes which are centred around an experiential, inter-disciplinary curriculum that builds strong educational foundations and five essential life skills: self-esteem, critical thinking, rebelliousness, empathy, and creativity. 

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1. The name of the promotional competition is the “Win your Share of R500 000 cash Competition”.

2. The competition will run from 31 May 2017 to 19 July 2017. Late entries will not be accepted. To enter the competition entrants will be required to SMS the word NIVEA and the last 4 digits of any TWO NIVEA product barcodes, to 33012, example "NIVEA 1234 4321" Entrants will be required to retain their till slip as proof of purchase which must be available to confirm a win.

3. Only one entry per day per cellphone number will be allowed.

4. Only one cellphone number will be allowed to win a prize once for  the competition duration.

5. The prize is R500 000 to be shared over the promotional period of 50 days as follows: Two x R5000 daily cash prizes.

6. A random electronic draw will take place weekly and during each draw, two winners will be selected from the entries received for each respective day of the competition.  Winners will be required to supply a copy of their till slip showing  the purchase of two NIVEA products, and a copy of their ID.

7. The competition organizer will attempt to contact a winner 3 times over a 24 hour period on the cellphone number they have used to enter.  If a winner cannot be contacted then the prize will be forfeited and a backup winner will be drawn and the same rules will apply.

8. Winners will have 72 hours to submit their till slip showing the purchase of two NIVEA products on the date of their entry and their identification documents. If a winner does not comply within the stipulated time they will forfeit their prize and a backup winner will be drawn and the same rules will apply. Each winner who had his/her till slip and ID verified, will be contacted and in order to ensure that payment is made to the correct bank account and account holder, each winner will be required to warrant that he/she is in fact the holder of such bank 
account and that he/she is eligible to receive the prize, by signing a document to this effect which will be provided to him/her by the competition organizer. Once the winner 
has signed the aforesaid documentation, the competition organizer will make payment of the prize amount (R5000 only) to the respective winner within 72 hours.

9. Detailed standard terms and conditions applicable can be found here.