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Men! This is you face creme

Try the quick and easy FACE CREME for better looking skin. It's NON-GREASY, FAST ABSORBING and AFFORDABLE.


Body lotion may be great for those pecks and biceps, but your face needs a little extra care.

Super fast absorbing, non-greasy and more affordable than you think. New NIVEA MEN Face Creme is the ultimate piece of kit
for men who want to look sharp and feel good in their skin.



No-one knows men like NIVEA MEN. Get behind the scenes of our seriously macho NIVEA MEN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT department and watch how our guys got slightly carried away creating an epic new Face Creme for men.

Nivea MEN Creme

new nivea men face creme range

face creme VS body lotion

#1 Face creme vs body lotion


A healthy face is key to making a good first impression and it all comes down to using the right face care product.


3 tips – LET'S FACE IT

Life can be demanding, so to face your challenges here are our top face care tips. With NIVEA MEN, looking after your face is quick, easy and affordable.


1) Face facts

It may be convenient to use body lotion on your face but it contains 20% more oil than face creme, so can be bad news if you already have oily skin - and worse if you have a few spots. Body lotion is great for the body but your face needs special care. Get a better result by using NIVEA MEN Face Creme. It’s non-greasy, fast absorbing and more affordable than you think.


2) One product, all you need

Why buy loads of different face care products when you can get healthier skin with NIVEA MEN Face Creme? It’s easy – just twist open the tin, dip in your finger and apply a small amount all over your face and neck. It makes looking after your skin quick and easy, and you only need one product. You’ve got the right threads, now get the skin to match.


3) Protect your face

You care about your clothes and your shoes, but what about your face? Protect your face from the dark marks and patches caused by the sun. NIVEA Men Even Tone Face Creme with UV filters contains SPF6 to protect your skin from sun damage.

Take control of your skin because you only get one chance to make a good first impression.