Discover NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant

The most skin loving deodorant

The first deodorant ever enriched with precious milk vitamins and minerals. Made for women to look and feel beautiful.

Deodorant with milk vitamins & minerals

Beauty Essence Deodorant is created to replenish, protect and beautify delicate underarm skin, even after hair removal.
The feather light formula with 48h protection against odour and sweat, and contains 0% alcohol.
Dermatologically approved, even on sensitive skin.

Beauty where you least expect it!

Feeling self-conscious about your underarms? Most of us don’t think of this area as a beautiful one, just as another part of our bodies. NIVEA’s NEW Beauty Essence Deodorant range is here to shut that thought DOWN! Your underarms can be even-toned, soft, smooth, have character and make you feel great when you uncover them.

NIVEA’s NEW Beauty Essence Deodorant collection combines 4 skin benefits: SKINCARE, SHAVE CARE, BEAUTY and NATURALNESS for beautifully even, silky-soft & protected underarms every day. Formulated with precious milk essence, vitamins and minerals, it helps recover your natural skin tone and protects the skin’s moisture for silky and smooth skin.

The NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant range consists of two fragrances, White Musk & Jasmine Petals OR Waterlily & Apple, available in both Roll On and Aerosol formats. The range contains 0% alcohol and instantly absorbs, with 48 hour protection.

Beauty essence

Beauty Essence

Questions & answers about NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant

For several years, NIVEA Experts worked on developing an effective skin care formula to combat dry and rough underarm skin. Here's what Dr Jens Schulz from formula development lab has to say about the product.

What is so new and special about the formula? What makes it different to other deodorants?

NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant is a scientific breakthrough that brings the goodness of milk to deodorant. After years of research and development, we understand the source of this impressive natural power of milk and therefore infused it into the light and fast-absorbing formula. The formula is gentle to the skin, contains no alcohol, and is just perfect for delicate skin - even after regular shaving.

We all know that milk is a vital ingredient of life. It is natural, simple, pure and universal. What components of milk did you choose for the product?

We took the compounds of milk that matter most when it comes to skin care, in particular the components that are essential to the skin after shaving. Therefore, when developing the milk essence, our experts carefully selected the substances that are most effective and nature-inspired from milk such as minerals (calcium), lactate, vitamins (C, E, B5), lactose triglyceride and essential amino acids.

How does the product help repair stressed and dry skin?

Armpit skin is very delicate and needs special care, particularly as shaving can cause irritation and lead to the loss of essential skin compounds. Our formulas are specially designed to restore these natural compounds which shaving took away. This includes, for example, lactate - a natural moisturiser - and the mineral calcium. Both of these things are essential for healthy-looking skin.

Is the product also suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the formula is specially developed to be suitable for sensitive skin. It has been tested on highly sensitive skin and dermatologically approved.