Nivea Rich Nourishing - Wear Your Skin With Pride


Transform your skin from dry to noticeably smoother skin for 48hrs with NIVEA Rich Nourishing, it has 3X layered care of deep moisture serum, natural almond oil and Vitamin E. Be proud of your skin and its beauty.


Your skin is the fabric of you. In the whole world, it’s probably the only thing that is fully yours and that is fully on display for your whole lifetime. It is you.

So, when we’re faced with a world that says it’s not beautiful and not good enough and we wear it with confidence anyway, it is a revolutionary act. It’s not just about skin. It’s about celebrating our beauty. Just as we proudly celebrate art or music or culture, we should do the same for our skin.

NIVEA Rich Nourishing provides nourishing skin care for dry skin, and gives dry skin the 48 hours of deep moisture it needs to look and feel healthy and naturally beautiful. So, when you step out in your skin, you can wear it confidently and with pride.

Skin conversations

Your skin is your first point of contact with the physical world and wearing it with pride means loving your skin as it is and taking the best care of it. Watch below as Carissa Cupido, Vongai Mapho, Deborah Darling, Sinovuyo Mondliwa and Zulaikha Patel share their stories of affirmation as they celebrate the skin they’re in.

Carissa Cupido – Media Personality & Content Creator

Vongai Mapho – Digital Content Creator & Entrepreneur

Deborah Darling – Pro-aging Silver Model

Sinovuyo Mondliwa – Natural Hair Content Creator

Zulaikha Patel– Activist, Author & Speaker

#WearYourSkinWithPride Manifesto

3X LAYERED CARE for Very Dry Skin

The NIVEA Rich Nourishing body lotion transforms your very dry skin into deeply moisturised and noticeably smoother skin for 48h.

The Rich Nourishing body lotion is infused with the unique NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum and 2x almond oil, and is the best body lotion for glowing skin. It intensively nourishes for 48h and noticeably reduces the roughness of very dry skin - after just one application.