24 Hours of Protective Care For Busy hands

Take care of your hands with NIVEA

Our hands experience different situations throughout our lives. As babies, we touch and explore things around us. As adults, we use our hands for communication, work, and everyday life. No matter which phase of life we are in, effective hand skin care is important. NIVEA is in search of the secret of the feeling at one’s fingertips.

Hands are more than gripping tools

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that our hands are miraculous.

Take a moment to think about everything you use your hands for. 

We use our hands to feel and experience things around us. We get ready for the day, put on our make-up, prepare our children for school, shake hands when meeting a business partner, prepare lunch for our family – but most importantly, we use our hands to touch and feel & to communicate our emotions.

To make every experience feel even better, we must care & protect our hands, 24*7. NIVEA Hand Care gives you exactly that: 24 hours of protective care so your hands feel well protected and cared for.

Effective Protection

with the

Best Ever Hand Care from NIVEA

Our sense of touch requires healthy, supple skin. The slightest irritation is enough to seriously interfere with our sense of touch. Taking care of our hands is worthwhile so that we can spend a lifetime being able to enjoy all that our hands are capable of.

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NIVEA Hand Care

brings together the most important benefits of a hand cream: reliable protection from external influences and nourishing care for the delicate skin of our hands.

The right type of care for every need

Who doesn’t take their miraculous body for granted most of the time? After all, it is only when something minor like a cut on our finger or a deep gash becomes an inconvenience that we realise just how harmoniously everything normally works together and how much our hands impact our lives.

Treat your hands for intense nourishment, or irresistible smoothness, or instant repair from dryness, or to fight first signs of ageing – there is a NIVEA Hand Cream for your individual hand need


Nourishing care that lasts

The new NIVEA Nourishing Hand cream with the goodness of almond oil provides rich care and intensive nourishment for your hands that lasts for 24 hours. The caring formula leaves the hands smooth and soft. Because of its unique caring formula and NIVEA’s more than 100 years of skin care expertise, NIVEA Nourishing Care Hand Cream prevents hands from dryness, irritations and itching – so your hands feel protected and cared for and look beautiful every day.

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NIVEA Hand Care line

  • NIVEA Nourishing Care Hand Cream - soothes and intensively nourishes dry hands with almond oil
  • NIVEA Smooth Care Hand Cream - includes shea butter for irresistibly smooth hands all day long
  • NIVEA Repair & Care Hand Cream -  instantly relieves feeling of extra tightness and dryness, with dexpanthenol
  • NIVEA Anti-Age Care Hand Cream - with regular use, visibly reduces first signs of ageing with Q10 and UV filters

New Packaging

As Functional as a Tube, yet a Pleasure to Touch

Along with its 24 hours of protective care that makes your hands feel good, the NIVEA Hand Creams now come in a new packaging – in a shape that perfectly fits in your hand, just like a pebble. 

In developing the new look of NIVEA Hand Care, a special material is used to give a soft feel and to ensure the pack is easy to squeeze. When you touch the new packaging for the first time, you are surprised at how soft and flexible it is. 

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Now, NIVEA Hand Care is a real pleasure to touch – from the inside and outside.