More Expressions, Less Wrinkles

Your skin’s clock means many things for your body’s largest organ.
A few lines ore wrinkles is unfortunately just part of another birthday celebrated. However, simply by choosing
skincare products with clever ingredients you can wear your wrinkles as expression lines for longer than you thought.

We all smile, frown, laugh and squint hundreds of times every day. That’s life, and that’s beautiful. Showing your joy (or your frustration) through your face is part of communicating and expressing your mood. You may start to notice your first wrinkles from the age of 25 when your skin’s proteins collagen and elastin (the building blocks of skin’s strength and elasticity) start dipping. But when you see an actual wrinkle depends on many things. Your genes play a big role, as does your lifestyle. A sun lover but not a fan of sunscreen? Sun damage is the most common cause of skin damage and wrinkles. And then there’s how your face moves.

Making Faces: Expression Lines to Wrinkles

Those creases that form when you’re smiling don’t seem to matter so much when you’re young. But start seeing them deepen (turn from fine lines around the forehead, eyes, lips, and nasolabial) and it’s like going from sweet laugh lines to more serious crow’s feet. The zones that seem to get the worse hit are the forehead, the midsection of the face (including the eyes) and around the mouth. It’s simply due to repeated facial movement that over time become soft expression lines and then deepened wrinkles. Want to stop making faces immediately? Never! It’s just time to get product and ingredient savvy.

Get Active, Stay Active: Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles With Q10

Keeping your face frozen is impossible. However, a good skincare regime is a “work smart, not hard” approach. Think of it like this: with the right ingredients formulated into skin-saving products your mind set becomes about protecting and repairing. And that’s exactly what wrinkle management is all about. Sunscreen SPF 50 combined with anti-ageing ingredients is your secret weapon. But what exactly is the active that really helps with wrinkle restoration? Co-enzyme Q10 works hard to fight free-radicals. And this is essential as it’s these nasties that attack skin’s youth and cause damage. As Q10 is naturally found in your body, you want to make sure you top it up for the repair work it’s so able to cleverly do. It’s the same with ingredients like Bakuchiol and Hyaluronic-Acid. Bakuchiol actually helps boost collagen (which declines as you get older) as well as gets your skin cells performing at their very best. Adding Hyaluronic Acid into the mix means you’re hydrating and smoothing. The right ingredients for wrinkle repair? Exactly!

Find them all in:

NIVEA Cellular Lift Expert

NIVEA Q10 Wrinkle Filler

NIVEA Cellular Expert Filler

For 5 Minute Wrinkle-Filler Results: Meet BIOXIFILL® Peptides 

Ever wish you could instantly fill those deeper wrinkles? The new NIVEA Q10 TARGETED WRINKLE FILLER SERUM, is a de-ageing treatment with instant 5-minute anti-wrinkle results. Revolutionising its hero ingredient, skin-identical Q10, NIVEA has teamed this ingredient up with BIOXIFILL® peptides and anti-age actives to create a fast-absorbing serum formula for a highly powerful treatment. BIOXIFILL® peptides (made up of skin-essential amino acids) helps to restore the appearance of collogen-rich skin and help to effectively fight all types of wrinkles. The skin-hugging texture of this serum, rich with precious pigments, creates a hydrating film and immediately fills and re-plumps the skin. This means you’ll see an instant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 5 minutes. Rewarding, right?

Recipe to Success: Your Q10 Filler Routine

Love your serums at night? Of course you do, and when skin does it’s repair work after hours is a great time to use them. But a serum that can be used during the day – before day cream and make up – means helping those wrinkles to look smoother under products like foundation. Get that instant fill you need from your targeted treatment, your dewiness from your day facial moisturiser (not forgetting protection from your SPF layer) and coverage and colour thanks to your make up and you’re good to go!