Take The Rights Steps to Stay Happy and Healthy In The Sun

We all know that the sun’s ultraviolet rays is harmful to our skin. It’s therefore important to be familiar with the basic sun safety principles.

Always follow these Sun Safety Tips to minimise your risk of skin damage:

- Always wear sunscreen with SPF 50+ factor. SPF shields your skin from harmful UV rays, protects against sunburn and helps to slow the aging process,

- Cover up - wear sunglasses, protective clothing and a wide-brim hat

- Stay in the shade near midday when the sun is strongest and reduce time in the sun before and after 3 hours of noon.

- Take precautions to care for your skin after sun exposure.


Your bodies need enough vitamin D to help produce calcium for healthy bones. However, regular or excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays will increase your chances of developing sun spots, moles and even skin cancer. It also accelerates the aging process.

Check out our selection of informational, expert articles and find out how you can not only stay safe from the sun’s rays but also use it to your advantage. Here on this page, you’ll discover advice on how you can protect your skin both before and after soaking up those warm rays and keep yourself comfortable and feeling beautiful.

Always read the label. Follow the directions of use. Sunscreens are only one part of sun protection. Avoid prolonged high-risk sun exposure. Reapply frequently.