Our Achievements in Sustainable Packaging


At NIVEA, we aim for circularity and responsible use of packaging material to prevent pollution and reduce our carbon footprint. Our approach is as simple as it is challenging: we reduce plastic wherever possible, recycle plastic as much as we can, replace it when it makes sense, and encourage our customers to reuse packaging.

Learn about our achievements and targets to create sustainable packaging with less or recycled plastic, and wood-based material from controllable and traceable sources.


Our Plastic Commitments

Humanity is faced with the question of how to solve the global plastic problem. At NIVEA, we have set ambitious targets to reduce fossil-based virgin plastic and increase the amount of recycled material in our packaging as well as to ensure the recyclability and reusability of our packaging.


Explore what we have achieved so far and aim to do to prevent further plastic pollution.


One way of reducing plastic in packaging is by replacing it with wood-based material such as paper and cardboard. As we strive to treat nature with respect, we make sure that the natural material we use is obtained sustainably to protect forests from deforestation.


Read more about our commitments to sustainable paper packaging.

One Skin. One Planet. One Care.

We want to be 100 percent transparent and answer all your questions about sustainability at NIVEA. If you could not find all the answers you were looking for on this website, or are looking for more detailed information, please visit the sustainability website of NIVEA’s parent company, Beiersdorf.