Whether at the car wash or in the front drive – most men invest lots of time keeping their car spotlessly clean and sparkling. Why all the effort? Well, it’s simple: It’s their pride and joy, and they want to keep it in pristine condition so it will look its very best for longer. By the same token, men’s skincare is one of the most important long-term investments for your body, making sure it looks healthy and strong, and doesn’t pass its sell-by date. Attention to detail and the all-important finishing touches can make a big difference when it comes to bringing out the best in your bodywork.


Exfoliating? What’s that? we hear you ask. Well, it’s an excellent way of scrubbing off all your dead skin cells and revealing “younger”, fresher skin – using a body scrub for instance. This shedding process also unclogs pores – you can think of it a bit like rust prevention. You should apply it damp skin with a gentle circular motion, just like on the bonnet of your car, and spend more time on rougher skin areas such as your knees or elbows. In fact, men actually benefit more from exfoliating than women, as they have thicker skin – making it even more important to ensure a soft and even-toned surface without the dents and cracks.


After showering or bathing, think of drying off as the polishing stage for your body too. The technique is different from car polishing though: Pat away the moisture – don’t rub! OK, so there are worse things than towels that can harm your skin. But you don’t want to do your delicate paintwork any unnecessary damage, or cause unwanted irritation or chafing – especially if you already suffer from dry skin. Work from the head downwards for maximum efficiency and don't forget to spend a moment drying all those nooks and crannies that are so awkward to get to.
Now your skin is prepared for the final and perhaps most important treatment stage.


You guessed it – it’s time to moisturize! This is equivalent to applying a final protective coat of wax to your car. Waxing seals the paint from the elements, filling in the small chips and scratches to make them less noticeable. Moisturizing meanwhile stops the cells from drying out, improves your skin’s appearance and guards with a protective coating against environmental damage. It fortifies men’s skin to make it more resilient, therefore performing more efficiently and lasting longer. That’s well worth the effort, as unlike with cars, you can’t trade in your body for new one a few years down the line.