Black and White Deo


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We all have our favourite outfit.

We all have things that matter to us, especially when it comes to clothes. We experience some of our greatest memories with them. Some clothes remind us of places we’ve been, people we love & experiences we’ve had. Other outfits simply give us a great feeling and self confidence. We all have our favourite outfits. And we all want to protect them, especially from stains. Luckily for us, we have NIVEA Black & White!

Rich Mnisi

Born in Johannesburg, RICH MNISI is a young designer with a heart for the world of pop culture. In 2014, just after graduating, he gained the title of the African Fashion International Young designer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. He’s also recently just won the 2020 edition of Vogue Talent’s Digital Event under the Scouting for Africa. He is known for bridging modern culture and the unique heritage stories from Africa, pushing boundaries on gender blurs. His aim is to enhance daily expressions and storytelling blended through film, music, art and nature. This young visionary has already caught the attention of both local an international media. With features in ELLE, Dazed and Confused, GQ & Vogue, RICH MNISI is taking the local & global market by storm! He’s also dressed a myriad of local & international celebrities including Beyoncé!

Rich Mnisi


Our NIVEA Black & White range is developed with textile experts from the Hohenstein Institute and it gives you reliable anti-perspirant protection. It blocks ODOUR with unique fragrances. It fights SWEAT with 48H Anti-wetness efficacy. It protects against STAINS to maintain the original colour of your clothes. It avoids RESIDUES on skin and clothes and it prevents skin IRRITATIONS because its unique formula is optimized for everyday use. In short: It is our best deo to keep you and your favorite outfit perfectly protected - in every situation.

Protect your favorite outfit

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