Real Women. Luminous Results.

Real Women. Luminous Results.

THE POWER OF Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Anti Dark Mark


Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Anti Dark Mark effectively targets dark marks and spots. The three major causes of the marks are: sun exposure, inflammation and hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menopause. All three can trigger a melanin imbalance, leading to the same result: the formation of dark marks or dark marks on the face.
[{"X":"510","Y":"503","Color":null,"HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"HORMONAL CHANGES","Copy":"Hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menopause can trigger an overproduction of melanin and result in dark marks.","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"541","Y":"768","Color":null,"HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"AGEING","Copy":"As the skin ages, an over-production of melanin can occur, resulting in the formation of dark spots, so-called \"age spots\".","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"671","Y":"957","Color":null,"HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":"SUN EXPOSURE","Copy":"When exposed to the sun, the skin naturally produces melanin, which can sometimes spread unevenly and appear as hyperpigmentation, also known as \"sun spots.\"","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]},{"X":"699","Y":"108","Color":null,"HotspotDetail":[{"Type":"HotspotText","Title":" SKIN INFLAMMATION","Copy":"Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) occurs as a result of the healing process post a pimple or breakout. The healing of the skin triggers increased melanin production resulting in dark marks. Generally, the more severe the breakout, the more severe the darks marks (and vice versa).","Link":{"Title":"","Url":""},"Button":null}]}]


SA women agree: Visibly reduces 10 years of dark marks in 4 weeks.

4 weeks

4 weeks

Dark Marks are visibly reduced*

8 weeks

8 weeks

Dark mark intensity is visibly reduced**

12 weeks

12 weeks

Dark mark intensity is further visibly reduced**
Skin eveness +60%,
Skin luminosity +62%

* 4 week PIU study. ** 12 week self grading study




It took NIVEA scientists 10 years of meticulous research and the screening of more than 50,000 ingredients to create the highly effective Perfect and Radiant Luminous630 Anti Dark Mark range.


Reduces marks





Cleanse your skin and apply the Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Day Cream before using the Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Day Cream SPF50 Triple Protection.


Apply Perfect & Radiant Luminous630Anti Dark Mark Advanced Treatment Serum on the entire face as the first step of your evening skin care routine, right after cleansing. APPLICATION ADVICE FOR ALL LUMINOUS630 PRODUCTS: Apply products with Luminous630 max. 4 times per day.




What are dark marks?

Dark marks on the face are the result of an imbalanced melanin production.
Melanin is a natural pigment present in our skin, and is responsible for every person’s natural skin colour. However, various factors can over-excite the production of melanin, which accumulate within the skin and become visible on the face as dark marks and uneven skin tone.

How do they appear?

Although there is a genetic disposition to dark marks, there are different reasons why they appear:


  1. The first and most common is sun exposure. When exposed to the sun, the skin naturally produces melanin, which sometimes can be unevenly spread.
  2. As the skin ages, an over-production of melanin can occur, resulting in the formation of dark spots, so-called "age spots".
  3. Hormonal imbalances, for example, pregnancy or menopause, can trigger an overproduction of melanin.
  4. Finally, dark marks can appear as a mark after skin inflammation, for example acne.

What is LUMINOUS630 and how did you discover this ingredient?

At NIVEA, we are obsessed with skin and we always look at skin biology to understand how to fulfill our consumer’s needs.

When approaching dark marks and even tone, we did the same: we know that spots are the result of a melanin imbalance. So we looked more closely at the root cause for dark marks and uneven skin tone: the enzyme responsible for melanin production.
It took us 10 years of research to find the breakthrough ingredient LUMINOUS630. First, we recreated the human enzyme that produces melanin in our lab, on which we tested more than 50.000 molecules. After multiple optimization rounds, the molecule number 630 was the most successful one in balancing the  hyperpigmentation, and therefore reducing dark marks and uneven skin tone! 630 was our lucky number, we wanted to keep it in the name. That’s how our breakthrough ingredient LUMINOUS630 was born. 


Is LUMINOUS630 safe to use and effective?

Our priority at NIVEA is not only that our innovations are working, but also that they are safe for the skin. LUMINOUS630 is no exception and went through intensive testing procedures after its discovery.

We first tested the ingredient‘s compatibility on cell cultures in our lab, where we could prove, that Luminous630 is mild to skin cells. The efficacy outperformed our expectations.

After very vigorous safety evaluation, we then tested the ingredient on human volunteers. The clinical studies proved the outstanding efficacy on dark marks!

Finally, we conducted a PIU study with South African consumers using Perfect & Radiant LUMINOUS630 ANTI DARK MARK Advanced Treatment Serum and received amazing feedback:
90% "The product removed even stubborn dark marks."
90% "Instantly leaves my skin tone visibly more even."
90% "It is the best face care product to remove dark marks."
LUMINOUS630 is an anti dark mark ingredient that is both: suitable to be used every day & being highly effective.

What is LUMINOUS630 and how does it work?

LUMINOUS630 is NIVEA‘s latest breakthrough discovery! It is our patented ingredient specifically designed to safely treat and prevent dark marks.


LUMINOUS630 targets the root cause of the issue with a dual action: 
1. It acts on existing pigmentation to visibly reduce dark marks and spots
2. It works in conjunction with skin's natural melanin to help reduce the appearance of dark marks and spots