Trendy Looks for Him

This season, there are plenty of hairstyle trends for men to choose from. At the moment, the “bedhead” or “undone” look is very popular. This is when the hair looks slightly tousled, like you just hopped out of bed. Using styling creams are the best way to create this look as they give the hair more grip. Begin by giving yourself the perfect canvas by shampooing your hair so that it is smooth and easy to comb. Then, depending on your hair length, rub a pea-sized amount of the product between your hands and slide it upright and in a few different directions through your hair to achieve that cool, modern look. 

Hairstyling for Men – the Wet Look

When it comes to men’s hairstyles, the “wet look” has really made a comeback. Gelling the hair back was all the rage in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and now this look has returned in a big way. This style looks best with certain haircuts – your hair should be long enough that you have enough hair to push it back from your face. Go for a hair gel that’s specifically made to give a wet look effect so your hair will have great shine and look like it hasn’t dried after showering, resulting in a super stylish yet casual style. 

Natural Styles for Office and Everyday Life: Simple Styles for Men

Men’s hairstyles don’t always have to be elaborate to look sophisticated. If you only need to add a bit of shape to your hair, a classic gel with a strong hold is the answer. These hair gels provide your hair with a nice shine and are long-lasting to ensure your hairstyle will hold the entire day and. If you have shorter hair, you can accentuate the ends with some gel and separate the ends for a “piecey” look. Or, you can put some hair gel on the shorter hairs on the side of your head and brush them back for a polished look. This style is bested suited for the office or everyday life. Try it our yourself with our high-quality styling products for men by NIVEA.