<p>This anti-perspirant provides you with 48h protection against odor, sweat, stains, residues & irritations while caring for your skin. Get a clean and fresh skin feeling – all day, every day | 50ml


All skin types
All skin types

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Product Features

Anti-Perspirant Care
No Ethyl Alcohol
Clothing protection
All hair types
All hair types
All skin types
All skin types

Product Highlights

  • 5in1 protection against odor, sweat, stains, residues, irritation
  • White mark protection & anti-yellow staining
  • Clean & fresh skin feeling
  • Reliable 48h anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin
  • Without Ethylalcohol

How to

1 Shower
Best, use the anti-perspirant after taking a shower
2 Apply
Apply product directly to your underarms
3 Careful
Do not use anti-perspirant on irritated skin
4 Let dry
Allow product to dry completely before getting dressed

Product Details

NIVEA Black & White Invisible Fresh Anti-Perspirant offers you reliable 48 hour anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin. The 5in1 product protects you from odor, sweat, stains, residues and irritations and provides you with a clean and fresh skin feeling. With this anti-perspirant, you don’t only care for your skin, but also your clothes –get white mark protection & anti-yellow staining. The anti-perspirant is free of Ethylalcohol. The skin tolerance has been dermatologically proven. The roll-on format of this product is great for a quick touch-up on the go.

Item Number 88670 (88670-04700-30)

List of Ingredients

The ingredients listed correspond to the current state of production. Since we regularly adjust our formulations to incorporate new scientific findings, the declaration of ingredients specified on the package applies in each case.

Does not include Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol)

Included: Aqua, Aluminum Chlorohydrate,Isoceteth- 20,Butylene Glycol,Dicaprylyl Ether, Glyceryl Isostearate, Laureth-7 Citrate, Parfum, Palmitamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, Propylene Glycol, PEG-150 Distearate, Tocopherol, Linalool, Benzyl Alcohol, Geraniol, Tocopherol, Linalool

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