The Science of Post-Acne Marks: Your Guide to Reducing Their Appearance

The Science of Post-Acne Marks: Your Guide to Reducing Their Appearance

Post-acne dark marks mean different things to different people. Marks on your skin that are a reminder that you have had a breakout or just a pimple, can look noticeable, resulting in an uneven complexion and creating texture issues and even inflamed areas. Distressing, right? Time for them to move on!

So your skin has broken out, or you may have a pimple or two in isolation. These in themselves are enough to stress you out. Now add into the mix the worry of post-acne dark marks. This is especially common in dark skin tones. And it can be caused by something as normal as popping that pimple (it’s just so tempting) that causes inflammation. The skin in turn produces pigment as a form of protection, but what you see is a post-acne dark mark that looks out of synch with the rest of your skin’s tone.

Sorting It Out: Why Serums are Post-Acne Dark Marks Secret Weapons

We know the power of serums; they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients in the formulation able to penetrate deeper, targeting specific skin concerns. With this in mind, serums have gone highly focused, able to zone in on your skin’s main concern, treating other issues at the same time. Hybrid superheroes! Like with post-acne marks. There’s a serum for that! NIVEA Luminous630 Anti Dark Marks Post-Acne Dark Mark Serum contains Salicylic Acid (this eases inflammation and unclogs pores) and patented Luminous630. This helps to reduce post acne dark marks in 2 weeks*. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin, leaving skin smooth and mattified.

Other Ways to Banish Unevenness: Simple Tricks to Have Up Your Sleeve

Sunscreen is a dark mark skin saver. Sun damage can cause post-acne dark marks to look much worse than they are. Choose your fighter based on your overarching concerns: oily skin? Reach for an oil absorbing formula. Choose from NIVEA Sun UV Face Shine Control SPF 50 or guard against fine lines, wrinkles and age spots with NIVEA Sun UV Face Anti-Age Q10 or if you have sensitive skin NIVEA Sun UV Face Sensitive SPF50.

*PIU study with 190 South African Women. Individual results may vary.