Knowing your skin type is the key to healthy, balanced and hydrated skin. Here is a quick guide to the best cleansers suited to the six most common skin types.

Every skin type has specific properties and special needs. To maintain the skin’s balance, it is necessary to meet these needs. That’s why it’s important to use cleansing and skincare products that are formulated for your skin type. And skin care starts with cleansing.


We have summarised which products are the right ones, and what you should look out for.

Facewash for Dry skin

Dry skin lacks oil and moisture. If you use the wrong product, irritation can occur or small scales can even start to form. People with dry or sensitive skin should also be cautious about using exfoliating products. They should opt for gentle products and use them sparingly. We recommend NIVEA Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash as facewash for dry skin. It will really help soothe and moisturise your skin due to its mild formula that contains Almond Oil and Hydra IQ.


Cleanser for Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and must be treated particularly carefully. Use a mild cleanser for your face with natural ingredients. Be cautious of harsh exfoliating products. Try NIVEA Naturally Good Micellar Face Wash with Organic Aloe Vera and 99% natural origin ingredients. The Micelles in the formula work like a magnet to efficiently catch all dirt, sebum, and make-up without any residue.


Facewash for Normal skin

Healthy, normal skin is not too oily or dry and there is no tautness. It feels smooth and soft and doesn’t usually have any problems. To ensure that you maintain this pleasant-feeling skin for a long time, you should use mild and moisturising products for cleansing. A cleansing milk or a refreshing facewash gel is suitable for normal skin. If you’re in a hurry when cleansing your face, gentle cleansing wipes are a good alternative. Try NIVEA Refreshing Cleansing Wipes with lotus flower extract and 0% alcohol to moisturize and refresh your skin.

Cleansing for combination skin

Cleansing foam for combination skin works with combination skin’s two skin types: dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. Products that moisturise the dry areas but do not make them oily are ideal for you. A mild washing gel cleanses thoroughly and gently, like NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansing Foam.


Oily skin face wash

Oily skin tends to have a shiny appearance. This is caused by excessive sebum production. People with oily skin tend to suffer from enlarged pores and blemishes, especially blackheads.


Try a mattifying complex with vitamin C and lemon extract like NIVEA Perfect & Matte Effect Oil Control Face Wash to deeply cleanse your skin, control oil and shine without drying it out.


Another great cleanser for oily skin is Perfect & Radiant 3-in-1 Cleanser as it can be used as a face wash, scrub, or mask.


Caring face wash for mature skin

Mature skin has a lot of demands. As we grow older, skin becomes drier, thinner and loses its elasticity. Therefore, it needs an extra dose of moisture – even when cleansing. Mild, creamy cleansers are best for mature skin.



The skin on your face is particularly sensitive: you should avoid rubbing vigorously with a towel or using water that is too hot. Remove mascara and other make-up slowly and gently with a cotton pad. Apply cleanser to your fingertips and massage your cleanser thoroughly onto your face and decolletage, and remove with a clean wet sponge, then rinse your face with water. If you are using a Micellar Water, apply the Micellar Water onto a cotton pad, and wipe face and decolletage.