Hair removal can be overwhelming with the vast number of products on offer. Here at NIVEA we’ve made things easy for you. Here is some expert advice on the different hair removal methods to deliver silky smooth results.



Perfect for quick and painless hair removal. Hair generally grows back within 1-3 days. Shaving is a popular hair removal method and can be easily done at home with the right products. Change your razor blades regularly - dermatologists suggest you should change razor blades every five to seven uses to prevent injury, irritation to your skin and shaving rash. Shave in the shower - when hairs are soft they’re easier to cut, this allows you to get that close shave you’re looking for. Use shaving cream, shaving foam, or shaving gel - this provides protection to prevent damage to your skin and retains your skin’s moisture. Use NIVEA men sensitive Shaving Foam which is enriched with chamomile to reduce irritation.

Wax Hair Removal:

A cost-effective, long-lasting method of hair removal. Hot and cold wax both work well for home treatments and legs remain hair-free for 1-2 months. Wax hair removal is popular among women who want to be hair and stubble free for longer by removing the hair from the root. Wax can be used on all body parts using cold wax strips or warm wax. Hair should be no shorter than 1/4 inch to allow the wax to grip onto the hair. Our tips: Exfoliate beforehand - this opens up the hair follicles making it easier and less painful while helping to prevent ingrown hairs. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth, and pull in the opposite direction.

Hair Removal Creams:

Pain-free, no-hassle hair removal method for those who want to catch every last hair. This is done by dissolving the hairs and this lasts for 5-7 days. Hair removal creams work with ingredients that dissolve keratin, allowing you to simply wipe away the hair with a small spatula. It can be used on a range of body parts and is easy to do. It takes up to 10 minutes on your skin for the cream to take effect. Our tips: Test your skin first - hair removal creams contain chemicals and can react to your skin, so testing first is important. Don’t use on sensitive or damaged skin - this will irritate that skin and may cause discomfort.


Great if you don’t have sensitive skin and want long-lasting results. With an epilator you can use it time and again reaching even the smallest of hairs. Hair grows back within 1-2 months. Epilating - hair removal for both long and short hair Electric epilators pull multiple hairs out from the root using rotating discs or tweezers and, unlike waxing, can catch even short hairs. It is an effective hair removal method that lasts and is reusable. Our tips: Epilate after a warm bath or shower - this opens the pores to the skin and softens the hair to reduce pain. Pull the skin taut - this allows the epilator to catch as many hairs as possible. 


To catch every last hair tweezing is the perfect way to catch any hairs missed when using the hair removal methods we’ve already mentioned. It’s also perfect for eyebrows and any stray facial hairs you want to remove. Our tips: Apply a hot cloth or have a warm shower beforehand - this opens the pores making the hairs easier to remove. Apply a cold cloth to your skin afterwards - this helps to reduce any redness and soothes the skin.