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What’s The Right Order To Apply My Different Skin Care Products?

From serums, moisturisers and SPF's - what is the right order to apply these different skin care products? Here is your step-by-step skin care routine for healthy and glowing skin.

Your Smart Skin Routine Sorted: Simple, Effective and Step-by-Step

Want to do really good things for your skin? Get in the habit of a great skincare routine. Once you have the right products and skin care steps in order, your skin will thank you. So, what are the steps to an amazing skincare routine? And where do the basics like day creams and SPFs versus treatment products like serum and masks come in? Fear not, we have all those questions answered and more. Let’s go!

Understanding the Basic Steps: The Order of Your Skincare

So it’s time to tune-up your complexion so it functions at it’s best. That’s the all-important purpose of a skincare routine; happy and healthy skin. And when that’s achieved, you’re good to glow! So, here’s the order that’s easy to remember:

Ok, so that may sound like a lot of steps, but it becomes an easy habit and is so good for your skin. Let’s break it down into each category.

Cleansing: Beautiful Skins Starts Here

Your skin takes on so much every day, and without removing the dirt, impurities, make up and yes bacteria that sits on your face, not only is your skin not getting that essential cleanse it needs, but it could lead to breakouts, dehydration or other skin problems. When skin is clean, it ensures that the day and night creams properly penetrate the skin. Toner, swept on after cleansing, helps to balance the pH of skin so moisture can be locked in. A toner also means you’re further cleansing skin that needs an extra hand with removing dead skin and impurities.

Serum: One of Your Most Important Skin Routine Buys

This skin booster will help your skin’s condition so effectively. Serums are different to moisturisers as they’re pumped with active ingredients and their task is to work on issues you have (like fine lines and wrinkles or pigmentation). Moisturisers are there to lock in moisture and hydrate skin. You need both, but if you can, invest in serum for a high concentration of active ingredients to get your face looking it’s healthiest and functioning as it’s best. The best news is that serums can be used day and night; look for options best suited to your treatment needs.

Mask: Your Self-Care Skin Saver

While masking may seem like a real indulgence, think of the last time you took yourself off for a facial? Now imagine being able to treat yourself to a glow up on your time and seeing beautiful results? That’s the joy of a mask! Because you don’t need to mask more than once a week, see this as the ultimate self-care treat for a skin-pick-me-up. To clarify, soothe, brighten, hydrate, tighten and even-out your skin tone find your mask mate, whether it be a sheet mask or clay formula.

Eye Cream: Pick Your Potent Peeper Product

One area of your face that always needs the benefits of your skincare routine is your eyes. The thin delicate skin of your eye area is one of the first places to show fatigue and signs of ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the weakening of collagen and elastin fibres. That’s why finding an eye treatment product means working on those issues like dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness. Again, this is a beauty that can be used morning and evening, so there’s so much value in scouting out your eye cream carer.

Day & Night Cream: Same, but Different

There’s absolutely no skincare routine without a moisturiser. Locking in hydration, no matter your skin type, is essential for skin – it gets thirsty too! What you use in the morning and evening differs though. For day, SPF laced day cream is essential protection from harsh UV, which is critical year-round. Your day cream also provides you with hydration, and treatment for your specific skin type. Struggling with hormonal pigmentation (melasma)? Or is the onset of fine lines and wrinkles becoming more of an issue? Your day cream should be addressing this. As for your night cream, it’s job is overnight repair.

Facial Sunscreen: Every Day, All Day

Of course there will be times (hello beach or pool-side lounging) when SPF is the last layer in your day time routine. However, living in ultra-sunny SA, means you’re hit with UV just going about your day (driving, sitting next to a window and of course, blue light from your devices) . So, think of SPF (a stand-alone product and not just the SPF that’s included in your day cream) as your critical last step. Always! And remember to reapply any time you feel your face is going to get exposed to more rays. Ultimately your skin routine, whether you’re a novice or expert, is there for you to really enjoy. And for your skin to love you for. So, work out what works for you best and make that little bit of time to show your skin the care it deserves. You got this!

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