Shine Savvy:
How to Care for Oily Skin Affordably

Life is about balance. Heard that one before? But how do you get that balance right? Taking care of oily skin doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Transforming Oily Skin the Economical Way

You’ve got the glow. And sometimes, it’s just all a little too much. Too much sebum (oil) causes your skin to shine more than you need it to. Don’t feel alone, this is a more common skin issue than you think. What oily skin really needs is specific treatment products that balance skin - and there are affordable options out there. What’s the point of having all the right skincare products if you can’t pay your rent? The word “budget” doesn’t need to mean compromise. Find wonderful value in essential, can’t-live-without items your skin is craving. So, what will really help with oil control and shine, and be pocket friendly? Let’s unpack absorbent ingredients in two key product basics:

Active Ingredients for Oily Skins: What You Need to Know

Being ingredient savvy means knowing what to look out for that will help absorb oil and therefore mattify skin. And you want yours to still look radiant and feel bouncy; no tightness and dehydration thank you! Clever botanicals like Lemon Extract and antioxidant Vitamin C, together with a Mattifying Complex will help to reduce oil and shine. Vitamin C in skincare is also known to help unwind dryness and support blemish prone skin, so it means the necessary hydration that oily skin types need too.

Find all these ingredients in:

NIVEA Perfect & Matte Effect Oil Control Face Wash (cleanser) and NIVEA Perfect & Matte Effect 3in1 Miracle Vanishing Cream (day cream).

Two Simple Steps to Shine-Free Skin: Wash and Moisture

Sound a little too easy? Well for an effective system that’s just under R100, keeping things simple goes perfectly with pocket-loving products. First up your cleanser; packed with Vitamin C and Lemon Extract, these ingredients freshen, brighten and deeply clean skin. The mattifying complex also helps reduce oil and shine. It’s the same for the day cream; a light-texture cream doesn’t leave skin feeling too rich or tacky – a win when you’re fighting excess oil. And you get 12 hours of shine control, and a matte skin when you moisturise with your day cream. This means no need for layers of foundation, concealer and powder. Make up is fun but can also contribute to clogged pores and impurities.

While we all want to blow the budget every now and then, with incredible active ingredients formulated into the right skincare, we don’t have to. Choose cost effective options to care for your beautiful skin.