The Magic of Micellar Water: How To and When To Use It

You may feel on autopilot when washing your face. But what you cleanse your skin with can make all the difference. Heard of Micellar Water? It’s more than just a latest beauty product trend; it’s a wonderful way to boost washing and includes toning and hydrating benefits.

Every now and then a beauty product trend comes along that sticks. Unlike those fads that sound amazing at first only to grow dust in your bathroom, a superhero skin helper shines brightly amongst the crazes. That’s Micellar Water for you. Is it make up remover? Is it a facial cleanser or a toner?

Or is it all three? Think of it as a gentle cleansing solution that gives you the benefits of make-up removal and hydration. The secret to its capabilities lies in its name. The concept of this gentle water originates in France. Micellar is effectively a very mild solution with a weak cleanser in the formulation. The reason it’s weak is so it’s gentle on the skin – in other words a soothing yet helpful cleanser. Micellar refers to “micelles” – special spherical structures formed by cleansing molecules – which cleans your skin. So, molecules in water for facial washing. But it’s so much more than that – and that’s what makes it so clever.

Micellar Water and Make Up: Removing Cosmetics and More

One of the most important functions of skin cleansing is removing your day’s make up. Leave make up on overnight and you’re risking clogged pores which could mean blemishes and blackheads. Also, you aren’t using the opportunity of nighttime repair to treat your skin to those serums and night creams that help restore and undo damage. But, we get it; after a crazy day, face washing is often quite a chore. Here’s where Micellar Water comes in with its ability to remove even waterproof make up as well as properly clean your skin. The micelles work like a magnet, they grasp onto make up and impurities. So, by applying the Micellar Water onto a cotton pad and gently sweeping it over your face (and eye area), you’re not only removing make up, but oil and dirt too. It’s so easy to use, yet so effective, mild and gentle on the skin!

Micellar Water and Hydrating and Toning: Same Magic, Different Benefits

Swiping away make up isn’t the only advantage of the power of Micellar Water. For skins that need a dose of hydration (think soothed and calmed), this liquid wash doses the face with refreshing moisture. Worried your skin will feel too tacky or greasy? As skin types aren’t all the same, so too Micellar Waters are created differently. While some are designed to lace skin with hydration, others are prepped with ingredients ideal for toning skin. In other words, while still removing make up, they also have the ability to help even skin tone and support radiance. Looking for helpers like Vitamin E means good toning and hydrating properties leaving your skin feeling super refreshed.

TRY: Normal to Dry Skin

NIVEA Rose Care Bi-Phase Micellar Water

TRY: Oily to Normal Skin

NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar Water

The Last Word on Micellar Water

Getting excited to try this type of cleanser? But what about your facial wash, you may be thinking… It’s not the end of that relationship. It all depends on how you like to cleanse. If you’re into double cleansing, then apply your Micellar Water first (with cotton pads) and to finish your wash routine, follow up with a facial cleanser or scrub (if it’s exfoliating day). Or the product can be used on its own. And what about toner? Yes, you can use a toner after you wash your face, even if your cleanser is Micellar Water. It just means added hydration benefits.

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