Skin can become dry in the winter months as wind, cold air and heating affect the skin’s natural moisture balance. Here are a few quick steps you can take to make sure your winter skin is hydrated and ready for the sunshine.

When winter hits, our skin needs a little extra love. Here are some tips to lock the moisture into your skin this winter!


Hydration – take care of your skin from the inside first. Staying hydrated will help your skin cells to retain moisture. Drink plenty of water and maintain your electrolytes (especially if you’re exercising).  Aim for plenty of foods rich in omega-3, like salmon – canned or fresh – walnuts, flaxseeds/pineseeds and dark green leafy vegetables. Omega-3 fatty acids keep cell membranes healthy, helping the cells to hold water. Great news for skin!


Exfoliate - The winter months dry out our skin terribly and we’re always feeling a little dull after the lack of sunshine for so long. Exfoliating with a dry brush will get rid of all the dead skin cells and make way for fresh, bright skin. Don’t forget to pop on a moisturiser straight afterward.


Make your bathing time count – Staying in hot water may be tempting to warm up, but it can be very drying for your skin. Rather limit the time you are in your bath and shower, and make that time count by using NIVEA pampering shower oil to thoroughly cleanse your skin and at the same time provides your skin with pampering nourishment. It leaves your skin soft and supple even after towel drying.


Shave and moisturise well - We can’t be blamed for paying a little less attention than we should to our body when we’re not flaunting our skin in the cold. However, in South Africa the sun is out by midday, so our skin needs to be prepped and ready as we peel of the layers. Apply plenty of rich moisturiser after your shave and shower.  NIVEA Rich Nourishing gives you 48H moisturisation, and snuggle up in your bath robe to let the lotion soak in.


Look after your extremities - Don’t forget your feet and hands! Our feet tend to get a little forgotten when we’re hiding them away behind socks and boots for three months - so why not treat yourself to a pedicure and foot scrub to freshen up and get sandal ready! Our hands need moisture too, so a hand cream, like NIVEA Q10 Hand Cream, that you can pop into your bag on the go is a great idea – or you could start using hand cream every night before going to bed to help your skin regenerate while you sleep.


Sun protection in winter - Always apply sun protection on all exposed areas of your body or face before heading outdoors.  UVA rays are potent all year round, even in winter and even on cloudy days.

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