So you’re thinking about growing a beard, but you don’t know where to start? Well, it’s quite simple, actually—STOP SHAVING and START GROWING. Like right this minute. Your journey to becoming manlier begins now, and we’ll be your Sherpa to Whisker Town.

A beginner’s guide to bearding


The number one factor in facial hair growth is genetics - thanks mum. Testosterone levels also play a role, but keep in mind that it can affect your body in unpredictable ways. High testosterone can make your beard grow faster, but can also lead to hair loss and acne. Testosterone levels change with age, which can also affect your ability to grow your whiskers. You can up your testosterone production through some serious manly living. Testosterone levels peak 48 hours after lifting weights, and the harder you train, the more you're going to produce, so maybe skip Yoga and breakout the dumbbells. Beyond getting your lift on, diet and stress are important factors to consider as well, so eat a steak and get a massage once in a while. Or often.


If you want to grow a beard faster, you're going to need to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to make more manliness. There are many vitamins that lead to greater facial hair production, so get that diet in check and think about stepping up your supplement game. A balanced diet including meat, fish, eggs, and nuts will all work to up your beard growing potential. Several vitamins, including E and a laundry list of B vitamins, both of which can be found in most meats, dairy, and leafy greens, will also promote growth. It probably wouldn't hurt to get a multi-vitamin in the mix as well, so stock up.


Chances are you're going to experience a bit of an itchy stage, but don’t sweat it, it's only temporary. In those first couple weeks you'll want to take extra care to keep it clean. Dandruff shampoo also works well to minimize itching, use a facial moisturizer, and if worse comes to worse, a little aloe vera never hurts.
While hardly exhaustive, following these simple tips will have you well on your way to growing a gorgeous man mane. Good luck, budding beardsman.